Thursday, September 9, 2010

Exposing myself

This year I made promises. Promises to myself and to you my readers to find the BEST, most effective ways to live better, be it  looking our best, exploring and traveling to all of those locales that we've dreamed of, finding time to relax and enjoy, or getting through the bucket list.

As I creep closer and closer to 60, my skin is creeping closer and closer to the floor. Between the deep lines that surround my mouth, the bags under my eyes (along with the dark circles), and the age spots - all of a sudden I feel old. Not INSIDE mind you, but on the OUTSIDE.

So, I've decided that I would explore the world of anti-aging.

BUT FIRST - I need to expose what I'm working with. I've decided to take a series of photos and videos showing progress over the next 6-months or so. These are NOT pretty. My goal is to see if the signs of aging can be turned back without spending a FORTUNE. I'm taking a deep breath now...

It's so difficult for me to look at these pictures. The marionette lines/smile lines around my mouth, the dark circles under my eyes that have turned to bags, the hooding of my eyelids...

Age spots and a creeping neckline

Not to mention the POUNDS that I've put on. This is the BEST time of my life. I'm writing about what I love, traveling and enjoying life - then why doesn't my OUTSIDE reflect what I'm feeling INSIDE?

The first product that I'll be talking about these next months will be Nu-Skin's Galvanic Spa. I had the opportunity to have a treatment with this at-home spa treatment at the EVO Conference and once again at BlogHer. After having ONE treatment, I HAD TO HAVE IT! My friend Sandy of Organize with Sandy eloquently calls it the "wrinkle iron."  I have some wrinkles that need ironing...that's for SURE.

In my next post I'll show you exactly how I'm using it, how often and what it looks like IMMEDIATELY after just ONE treatment (I use the Galvanic Spa 2-3 times a week).

Next - will someone give me a push to the gym and help me rid all of that Starbucks Ice Cream out of the fridge? Because I need to lose some weight if I want to look younger as well.

Hopefully, through this process we'll discover what works and what doesn't. I invite you to join me on this journey....


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carolpie said...

Yup, I am 55 so I know what you are talking about! LOL
Anyway, I have to tell you that I can see a WORLD of difference in my face by doing a few things. First of all, I must exercise every day, so DH and I do a strenous up and down hill walk for 50 minutes every morning. That helps with the eye and face puff. I also find eating really well-low carb, low salt, makes a world of difference for my looks, and I also take supplements including iodine,and use natural progesterone cream.
It is amazing how much better I look if I do these things-otherwise I have a big old puffy face. I lose weight, and less belly fat means less inflammation. Plus, I feel so much better, sleep better, have more energy. I have RA and allergies and asthma and can live meds free by doing this.
Also I find that my face looks so much younger when I smile-pulls the skin up and looks younger. So these are a few things that work for me and I have to be disciplined and do.

willow said...

You are a brave one going for it face first wonderful can't wait to watch the results..

PS: You Are Beautiful My Dear ...

Zippy said...

Carol - thanks, I'm putting those on my "to do" list!! May I contact you for more information about what you're doing?

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