Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Movies on Demand

I must have been living in the dark ages, because I walked into the bedroom to find my husband watching what I thought was a new DVD release. Now, I know that we no longer subscribe to Netflix and he has NO clue how to use the Roku and buy/stream movies (he usually asks me to set it up for him). He hadn't left the house in over 24 hours - so how did he get this movie?

Well, it turns out he had purchased a Movie on Demand from our cable company.. That part is no surprise, but the fact that it was a movie that had just been released this week threw me.

Today, I open my e-mail and found that I received a note about the movie Letters to Juliet (which I've been wanting to see) being available from Movies on Demand beginning September 14th. - which is it's RELEASE DAY. I'm LOVING this.

Am I the only one who just realized that we can do this? This is like having a Cable Video Store at your disposal 24/7. 

If I hear of any other great flicks coming directly to Movies on Demand, I'll let you know. With winter storms (and driving rains here in Florida) on the way, what better way to relax and enjoy a movie without having to leave the house.

For more information about Letters to Juliet or Movies on Demand check out these sites.


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