Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Official - I'm a Butterball Mom

No, I'm not talking about my weight (although I probably am as plump as my favorite Thanksgiving bird). This is something a lot more exciting! You see, I'll be representing my fellow baby boomers via Butterball this year.

What does this mean?

This October I'll be attending Butterball U. and Turkey-Talk to learn all different ways to prepare a turkey, including great side dishes, as well as get to sit side-by-side with the people who answer the Turkey-talk line (1-800-Butterball). Have a nagging question about turkey that you've been dying to know? Please leave it in the comments and I'll add it to my list.

I'll also be writing for the Butterball blog  around the holidays by addressing issues that baby boomers face. Those of us with children who come home for the holidays tend to make a more traditional turkey. Sure it's a chaotic time, but at the same time it's wonderful having everyone home. Again, I'd love you to share your traditions and ways that you cope with doing it all (if you have a blog - please include the url, because I'd love to be able to share some of your tips & site with other readers).

Most of all I'm looking forward to some great food and new recipes and being able to share them with you.


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