Monday, July 12, 2010

Flashing my Yummie Tummie

Before heading out to the evo Conference a couple of weeks ago, I had been told that I had won a Yummie Tummie.  I was to meet Stefania (of Clever Girls Collective) at the hotel and get my new tank, with the hope that it would keep me looking sleek and slimmed throughout the conference. I've worn OTHER shapewear before, but this is the FIRST TIME I've ever owned a Yummie Tummie. In anticipation, I did NOT pack my "other" shapewear.

I had planned to wear stretch fabrics and I was counting on Yummie Tummie to help control those lumps, bumps and ski jumps that I have going on. 

My first impression, before putting my tank on, is that it was ACTUALLY LONG ENOUGH to hold me in. It actually held me from under the bustline right down through the hip area (or I could wear it coming out from underneath a t-shirt or tank to have a cute little band of fabric exposed).

What does this mean in terms of creating the LOOK that I like? It means that I don't have to worry about all of that EXCESS fat that's been held in poking out at that SPOT where the tank ends, because it was long enough to HOLD IT ALL IN! I've always had a problem with shapewear curling and riding up, but found that the Yummie Tummie was able to stay in place (especially because you can actually tuck it in to you panties or lower shapewear because of the length).

I love the way that it creates a slenderizing line, especially when I turn and look at my back in the mirror. That's where I notice my added weight, especially if I'm wearing a knit of any kind.

Since coming home, I've washed my Yummie Tummie a few times and it's held it's shape perfectly. It's great under my dresses and nicer outfits, but I find myself wearing it even when I'm hanging around in a t-shirt or tank top during the day. I really LOVE the way that it makes me look. Since the one that I won is white, I've already planned on purchasing a black one, as well as "Shortie" for my bottom.

Basically, I'm hooked! Yes, I still need to lose the weight (and I'll be sharing my journey with you), but in the meantime it's good to know that I can simply slip on a Yummie Tummie and look a bit sleeker.

I forgot to mention, that Yummie Tummie makes FASHION tops that you can wear (and no one will ever suspect that it's really shapewear) like this adorable Chiffon Tier Top or the trendy Ruffle Top. Of course you'll also find shapewear for your lower half and even a HOT looking nightie that hold you in and adds to your sexy look.

One more thing - Stefania has a photo of my FLASHING my Yummie Tummie at the conference. I haven't seen it, and I'm a little afraid to see what a 56 year old lifting her shirt to reveal herself to the camera looks like. If you happen to catch a glimpse of it, please keep it on the down low.

Thank you to Yummie Tummie and Clever Girls Collective for choosing me to WIN my new favorite shapewear.


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