Monday, July 12, 2010

Tony Bourdain in the Heartland?

Somehow, I never expected to see Tony visit the Heartland of this country. On Monday nights I expect to be whisked off to exotic lands and hear his acerbic style as he banters with locals and enjoys foods that are somewhat foreign to my palate.

Lately he's been spending a lot of time in the good ole' USA and frankly, I'm not sure how I feel about it. Of course that's always until Tony gets to .... THE FOOD, THE PEOPLE and THE WIT.

But the Heartland is no New York City and I'm not quite sure what to expect from him besides...MEAT. Yes, Tony will be chatting it up with the preeminent authority on Charcuterie in Michigan, including discussing how to make some great dishes out of wild game. He'll also be talking to a Japanese sushi chef in Ohio. A sushi chef in Ohio? Somehow I can't wrap my head around fresh fish where there's no OCEAN. Just sayin.... But as I hear it they'll be creating some pretty refined dishes including Japanese Horse Mackerel and tuna collar. Interesting?

I suppose that the time has come to highlight the wonderful chefs throughout the United States who are a bit edgy, and Tony's just the person to bring them into our homes.

He's definitely peaked my curiosity and I'm going to watch the Heartland episode of No Reservations this Monday at 10 E/P on The Travel Channel.


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