Friday, September 11, 2009

Tony & Family in Sardinia

This week's episode of "No Reservations" is going to be a family affair for Tony. His wife Ottavia is Sardinian, so she will be joining him as they visit her family for a week.

Tony grew up in a small family, and he’s always dreamed of large family meals and the type of place where old recipes are still honored, with everything made by hand. In Sardinia, Tony gets his dream as he dines on a whirlwind of pastas, cheeses and meats such as donkey, famous Sardinian snails, baby goat drizzled with pork fat, wild hare, partridge and of course, carasau, Sardinian bread.

It's nott just the mountains, gorgeous landscapes and traditions that have been passed down gneration after genteration that Tony loves about Sardinia – it’s also the food. He actually said that he would visit Sardina for the food alone! I'm going to love getting a glimpse of Tony’s personal life that he shares – along with the good cheese, good sausage, good wine, good bread that is everywhere, at every meal.

Anothony Bourdain: No Reservations Sardinia airs Monday, September 14 at 10pm on the Travel Channel.

For a peek into Tony's travels - you can always check out his blog (um, good to know about the rings Tony)


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