Thursday, September 10, 2009

Frumpy to Fabulous: Atkins Low Carb Foods

I'm on a quest. It's September and ever since I was a child I've considered September to be the beginning of the year. It's when the school year begins as well as the season for the Jewish New Year. SO - for me, September is my New Year. It's the time that I make my resolutions (ok, so if I don't follow through, I have January to start again).

This year I'm determined to go from


I'm NOT really frumpy, but as I've aged I'm beginning to FEEL frumpy. So, my transformation will take MANY paths. One of them is my diet. Because I haven't chosen a particular DATE to start my new year, I'm at leisure to spend a little more time than normal devising my plan (at this rate it MAY be January 1st by the time I start). Anyway, I haven't decided WHAT I'm going to do to change my diet. It may be low carb, calories, or one of the other programs that I'll be testing this year for Champagne Living (I've brought in sponsors for this quest).

Today I'm considering the low carb route, mostly because MomCentral sent me a back of Atkins All Purpose Baking Mix as well as a box of the Penne. Now, I understand that when I start the program, that both of these items are off limits. BUT for anyone who's been on Atkins for a while, or those who just don't want to consume as many carbs, these are a GREAT addition to the plan.

I tried the Atkins Penne the other day with a bit of oil, garlic and sautéd brocolli on it. The texture was a little different than tratitional pasta, but the flavor picked up the oil and garlic (which is just what you want a pasta to do). It was great knowing that I wasn't downing the equivalent of a loaf of bread as a meal (which I'm sure is just what I do when I feast on pasta). I enjoyed it and I felt good knowing that my meal was probably a lot "better" for me.

The Atkins All Purpose Baking Mix was a little more difficult to use than my "usual" pancake mix. BUT - I actually made PANCAKES on a DIET! I suppose it's because it's not "really" a pancake mix, but more like a flour product (since you can bake bread and cookies with it as well). If I were "REALLY" on the Atkins diet, I would have topped them with butter and sugar free syrup, but since I'm just TOYING with the idea of a low car diet - I was B-A-D and added a bit of Nutella to them. I put a LITTLE bit in the middle of the pancake and rolled them up. am I going to lose weight if I do that?

Both of these products are extremely versatile and if you enjoy cooking, you'll have fun creating new recipes that are a lot healthier for you and the family.

If you ENJOY creating new recipes. Atkins is running a RECIPE CONTEST using these two new products. For all of the details, go to the Atkins Recipe Contest . You might just win one of 24 FABULOUS cooking prizes.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Atkins and received samples to facilitate my candid review. In addition, Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


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