Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mystery Shopping - telephone shops.

Did you know that there are mystery shops that are performed exclusively via telephone? It is quite common for your "regular" shops to have a telephone scenario included, such as calling the restaurant you are shopping for a reservation. There are also some that are ONLY telephone shops and the shop can be done right in your jammies.

The elements of the shop will be very close to an in person shops and you will be looking for customer service skills such as:

  1. Was the phone answered in the correct amount of rings?
  2. Where you pleasantly greeted according to the company's standards?
  3. Was the person who answered the phone courteous?
  4. If you were put on hold, how long were you waiting?
  5. Where they able to answer all of your questions?
  6. If this was an "appointment" shop, did they ASK for the appointment?
  7. Were alternate times given and did they confirm the time with you?
  8. Did they follow the script or the guidelines that the company required?
  9. Were you asked to come to the actual store?
  10. Where you thanked by the associate and given a proper goodbye?

Some businesses that hire telephone mystery shoppers include:

  • Hotel Call Centers
  • Catalog Shopping Centers
  • Banks & Finance Companies
  • TV Shopping Shows
  • Airlines
  • Car & Truck Rental Agencies
  • Cruise Lines
  • Telephone Call-Centers for Home Services
There may be times when you will be asked not only to fill out a form with your report, but you may also be asked to record the cal. Be aware that there are different LAWS regarding the recording of telephone conversations and you need to know what is legal in YOUR state. In most cases, the employee on the other end of the phone has signed a statement that they will allow you to record them for the shop (they do this when they are first hired).

Here are some companies that hire telephone mystery shoppers:

Customer Service Experts
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Mystery Shopper Services
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Shoppers' Critique
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Tamara B. said...

Enjoy the good life at Champagne Living!

Toystory said...

Always wonder if these are worth the time and effort, if they really pay (since the payment date on the one I scanned is "months" away from the actual shop, etc)... Any more general info you can share to let us know if they really are worth it?

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