Sunday, June 7, 2009

Did you get your coupon for your free converter box?

Most of us have digital televisions and don't have to worry about the conversion that's happening by June 12th. I was thinking that even though most of us ARE in the digital age, that there might still be an older analog TV in a guest bedroom or at your mom's or in-laws house. You can still get your coupon for a FREE digital converter box through July 31, 2009. Please check on any elderly relatives who may not know how to get them for free or install them, so that their television service won't be interrupted.

Two FREE coupons may be requested per household.

There are various boxes and cnet has done a comparison of the boxes to see which one received the best reception. Here's what they had to say: ...our favorites are the RCA DTA800B1 and Dish Network TR-40 CRA. The DTA800B1 has an excellent remote with jumbo-size buttons, a basic electronic program guide (EPG), solid video quality, and it even works with new Smart Antennas that automatically align themselves to get better reception. On the other hand, the Dish Network TR-40 CRA has the best electronic programming guide by far, displaying several days' worth of data in an easy-to-read layout. Coming in right behind those boxes is the Zenith DTT901, which actually has the best image quality of any of the boxes we've tested, and the Apex DT250, which is loaded with features but doesn't pull in quite as many stations as the other boxes. The GE 22730 Digital Converter Box comes in a distant last and should generally be avoided, as its video quality is poor, it's difficult to use, and it also pulled in fewer channels than the other boxes we tested.

For more information regarding the conversion visit You'll find installation information, reception maps and more to help you live the good life and not miss a minute of your favorite show.

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