Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hotel for Dogs - A Champagne & Water Bowl Review

Last week we were sent a copy of Hotel For Dogs the newest kids movie that stars Emma Roberts (Andi), Jake T. Austin (Bruce) and a cast of captivating canines. Clem immediately sunk his teeth into the new squeaky toy that arrived along with the movie. This afternoon we had a little time on our hands here at the mansion, so we propped up some pillows and all piled onto the bed to watch the movie. As you will see I've had a little help writing the review.....

Me: I'm not much for these "sweet" style movies, but this one really had the family in mind. It really drove home the importance of families staying together. It is about a pair of orphans who, in trying to keep their own dog from their crazy rocker wannabe foster parents (Kevin Dillon and Lisa Kudrow), encounter a family of strays holed up in an old hotel.

Clem: I "beg" to differ. The movie I saw was about a makeshift litter who befriend a brother and sister (Jake T. Austin and Emma Roberts) and let them stay in their Hotel so that they can stay together as a family.

Me: The kids meet up with a manager and employee of a pet store and the four of them turn this Hotel into a Haven for stray dogs all around the city. The inventions that Bruce (the brother) makes are so CREATIVE. Definitely the best part of the movie.

Clem: I have to agree with you about the inventions. Why can't you have an automatic feeding machine for me? I have to stand at the cabinet and beg for 15 minutes before you notice what time it is.

Me: Together the four kids and a growing cast of dogs create a REAL family which is something that the kids haven't had since their parents passed away.

Clem: And what about that restroom? Why can't you install a fire hydrant in our bathroom? You make me stand at the door and whine every day.

Me: Don Cheadle plays the social worker in charge of Bruce and Andi who is always getting the two of them out of trouble, but as the movie progresses it gets more and more difficult for him to keep the two of them together as a family.

Clem: You get to see what the inside of a REAL dog pound looks like. Locked cells, no one to let you out,'s just horrible.

Me: I actually got a little choked up at the end....definitely a heartwarming movie.

Clem: Did you notice the Rocky-esque scene at the end with all of the dogs running through the streets of the city? That scene was VERY well done. There was some VERY fine acting, especially by Friday the Jack Russell Terrier and Lenny. I haven't heard howling like that in a long time (I'm thinking Academy Award). I might just watch it again tonight with a bowl of kibble.

Thank-you to Paramount Home Entertainment for allowing us to preview "Hotel for Dogs" and for the blue squeak toy that you sent for Clem. He finds it quite engaging - especially at about midnight......


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Photoblogger said...

hmm.. interesting. I saw the trailers once.. never got to really see the movie..

Zippy said...

It's definitely geared to the elementary school crowd. As an a parent/adult I found it a little sweet and predictable - the KIDS loved it (as did the Mini Bull-Terrier).

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