Friday, May 8, 2009

Living the good life for less - it's like having a housekeeper do your laundry!

I was a bit shocked when I first opened the envelope from Purex Insiders marked "TOP SECRET" this week. First of all, they chose me as one of their 200 Purex Insiders to try a revolutionary new laundry product. It came as a complete surprise and I'm thrilled to be able to try it, give Purex my input and let you in on this laundry product that's going to REALLY have you living the good life.

After reading the letter, I was expecting that Purex was going to send me a bottle of laundry detergent. BUT NO! When Purex said they were going to revolutionize doing laundry - they weren't kidding!

Inside my package were some sheets that appeared to be "like" dryer sheets, but they are SO MUCH MORE. I was skeptical after reading the description of Purex Complete 3-in-1 laundry sheets as I couldn't imagine how one small sheet could do EVERYTHING that it's claiming. You just place one of the sheets in with your wash. It's preloaded with laundry detergent - no need to measure, no bulky bottles, etc. After your wash is done, you just place it into your dryer along with your clothes and the fabric softener strip goes to work softening and taking the static out of your laundry.

I had a load of laundry READY TO GO and wasted NO TIME in trying out one of these sheets. My first reaction? WOW, Purex is going green. There's no bulky bottles to fill up the landfill and no dryer boxes to break down.

I have to say that Purex Complete 3-in1 laundry sheets BLEW ME AWAY. Not only were my clothes CLEAN, but they were soft, static free and smelled GREAT. Even my pajamas, which are notorious for clinging to my legs during the night (ugh), were static free. I don't know why my jammies get so full of static, but this product took care of THAT. Not only that, but the clothes that I wore after using the Purex Complete 3-in-1 smelled as fresh at the end of the day a when I first took them out of the dryer.

Purex - you proved me wrong (and I'm happy about it). Purex Complete outperformed my usual detergent and did everything short of folding and putting away my clothes.

Purex Complete 3-in-1 sheets are a breeze to use. There's no more measuring out JUST the right amount of detergent or waiting until the RIGHT cycle to measure and add fabric softener (or fight those sheets that won't tear at the perforation). This cut my ACTUAL laundry time down to one easy step. I didn't even have to LOOK for the sheet, I just gathered up the wet clothes and tossed them into the dryer with the laundry sheet hidden somewhere inside. I even tucked the used sheet into one of my clothing drawers (like a sachet), just to keep my clothes fresh with the fragrance.

Purex® Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets are going to be available in three unique fragrances: Spring OasisTM, Tropical EscapeTM and Pure & Clean and will be released to stores sometime this week. If you live near an Albertson's I saw that there is a coupon in there circular for these this week.


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