Thursday, April 9, 2009

I've been searching high and low - & I found it!

Mr. S. can be impossible when he wants something. He's had me searching EVERYWHERE for a drinking bottle that clips onto his golf bag. You see, he's either teeing up or at the driving range EVERY day, and in the Florida sun - it's IMPORTANT that he keep hydrated.

I've probably purchased about 1/2 dozen different types of water bottles with clips for his golf bag. The problem is that they're IMPOSSIBLE to UN-CLIP when you want a drink. Especially if you've been on the course in the hot sun. Perspiration and manual dexterity are NOT a good mix.
THEN I FOUND IT!!!! I was on a website where companies were looking for blogs to review their products and THERE IT WAS. The answer to Mr. S' dreams (hmmm....I thought that I was the answer to his dreams...oh well).

The Golfing Caddy - a multicompartment tote and beverage holder that CLIPS ONTO YOUR GOLF BAG. No more trying to unclip that foolish water bottle, as it easily lifts out of the pouch. PLUS IT HOLDS A 24 oz BOTTLE AND has a water bottle cooler sleeve included. As you can see in the picture I put a 25.3 oz bottle of San Pellegrino in just to demonstrate and it EASILY held it (that's one of the BIG bottles).

The clip is very sturdy and it easily clipped onto one of the rings on his golf bag PLUS it has a handy wrist strap, so that you can easily take the caddy with you. I thought this would be great for when he goes to the driving range and just takes a couple of clubs and not his whole bag.

It's got a deep front pocket that closes with velcro to store a wallet, or ball markers and extra tees, etc. There's also a back pocket that's perfect for your cell phone, golf glove or even balls. It even came with a microfiber towel attached.

The price was actually LESS than I had paid for some of those fancy clip bottles (only $19.99).

NOT A GOLFER? BVT also makes similar caddys for fitness and cruising.

The Fitness
Caddy is like a mini gym back with a shoulder strap. It holds your water, keys, your glasses or cell phone and a towel (not included).

The Cr
uising Caddy is on my "I want it list" before our next vacation. With it's long shoulder strap, bottle holder and passport holder it will come in handy. It's also Great for Walking, Hiking, Sporting Events, Amusement Parks, Golf, In-Line Skating, Tennis, Beach and the Pool.

I have to tell you that I'm SO happy that I found this (and so is Mr. S.). I love it when products REALLY fill a need and this one filled ours to a "T" It's almost golf season up north (it's ALWAYS golf season here in Florida) and if you're looking for a GREAT mother's or father's day gift for the golfer or just a little something to make your duffer happy....this should fit the bill. It's just another way of helping to live the good life for less.


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