Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dreaming of Macarons

It's about that vision, smell or sound that takes you back to a place that you love. We all have that place. It may not be an ACTUAL place, but it may be a time in your life when you wished you could freeze the moment and have it forever. It may be a relationship that "got away" and you've been left with perfect memories. Whatever it is - we all have it.

And so it way just yesterday, when I was checking out In Search of the Best and saw the post that she wrote about canelle et vanille and her Pistachio and Grapefruit macarons and a pot de creme craving.

The name of the post ALONE whisked me to Ladurée on rue Royale, sitting with my pot of Thé Oolong à la Violette with the sweet taste of violette candies that I remember having as a child at my grandmother's and two mini macarons, one - citron (lemon) and one - chocolat. These wonderful treats brought to my table by floor length aproned young women. I can almost taste the delicate flavor and the texture both smooth and crispy at the same time. Ladurée is the classic salon de thé. I particularly love the one on rue Royale as it remains the same as it did in 1871, with fresco bakers adorning it's ceiling. It is the original (opened in 1862) of what is now a Parisian tradition - the tearoom. It was the first establishment of it's kind to welcome women (who were not welcome in cafés) and to this day you will see well appointed white gloved madames et mademoiselles lingering over their afternoon treats.

It really is wonderful when something so simple, takes you away like that - if only for a moment. Those are moments that REALLY define living the good life. I wish you one of those memories today as well.

Back to South Florida - once again, cook has the night off............


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Anonymous said...

Love love love Macarons. Especially Ladurée! said...

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Zippy said...

Thank you - your blog has some GREAT information.

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