Friday, February 27, 2009

I need a luxury vacation!

I was e-mailing Wendy over at Sweeties Sweeps and Sweeties Swag whining about how much I NEED a vacation right now. I'll be going away in May - but it's still FEBRUARY and I'm not used to spending SO MUCH time in one place. My mother always equated her life to that of a gypsy (she needed to be on the move constantly as well) and I think that I inherited some of that (or maybe - a LOT of that). But, since I'm STUCK in the house with a (cough, cough) cold - I'll do the next best thing and travel from the comfort of my sofa. Not realizing it was Friday (the congestion must have gotten to my BRAIN), I was pleasantly surprised to see my "wish come true" in my e-mail from my favorite Friday sponsor, No Reservations. So, kick back and join me on this journey to Sri Lanka, because in next Tuesday's episode of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, Tony is truly taken in by the locals as they show him Sri Lankan culture and cuisine.

Portuguese, Dutch, British, Indian, Arab, Malay and Moor traders have all contributed to the diversity of Sri Lankan food. While in Colombo, Tony enjoys popular street foods, rides in a tri-shaw, samples lampreis, a local delicacy, and eats a heaping pile of kotu roti.

His journey doesn’t stop there. He continues onto the smaller seaside village of Seenigama and speaks to villagers about how they rebuilt their town after the devastating tsunami. Once the rebuilding was complete, the unity of the townsfolk led to other projects, like the creation of a culinary school to help Sri Lankan’s learn to properly prepare local dishes. It’s a must visit for Tony.

Don't forget to tune in on Monday, March 2 at 10pm EST on the Travel Channel.


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3 comments: said...

I LOVE ANTHONY! or should I say I ENVY ANTHONY! he has the best job in the world, and he has also done the most accurate depiction of new orleans that I have ever seen! He truly captured the essence of the culture which is lacking in most other shows that I have seen! GREAT TASTE AS USUAL ZIPPY!

Zippy said...

LOL - that's why I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my relationship with the Travel Channel (specifically with No Reservations). They keep me in "the loop" and I get to highlight all of the GREAT upcoming episodes. said...


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