Friday, February 27, 2009

A few things to brighten your day....

..and mine as well. Yes, living the good life means not having to pay for the things that the "other" people have to pay for. Think of the designer gowns and jewelry that movie stars get to "borrow" for their Red Carpet moments. On a much smaller scale, here are some some things for you that you WON'T have to return (it's a good thing too, because one of them is panties & you wouldn't want to have to return them...LOL).

  • Get a FREE Pair of Essential Panties with this Coupon in Express Intimate Stores through March 1.
  • Have a Rite Aid nearby? Get $5 off of $20 (would you pick me up some cough syrup while you're there)
  • Get a FREE Carabiner key ring from Marlboro. Use Promo Code: MAR6222 orMAR8133
  • Heads up for next week. Watch out for a Coupon in the Staples advertisement in Sunday 's paper (3/1) for a FREE PC TUNE UP (Value about $30).
Enjoy - isn't it nice to be living the good life?


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Anonymous said...

Hey Zip, I'm at the library doing a little "shopping". I thought I would let you know that when I type that I get the Google homepage coming up with an error. Wendy

Stephanie said...

I have this horrible cold too. Feel better!!! There's something going around down here

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