Thursday, February 26, 2009

Muffy will NEVER know that you're not paying for those texts!

I just LOVE it when I learn something new, especially when it saves me money (re: helps me to live rich) AND makes my life EASIER. Maybe you already know this, but it was TOTALLY new to me.

Did you know that you can type SMS messages from GMail to someone's cell phone? YES - TEXT messages! No paying .25 a message to send the message or receive one back to your Gmail account (of course the person on the receiving end still has to either pay for the text or have it go against the texts in their plan). I already have texting on my mobile phone, but I really like the idea of being able to text my hubby while he's out and remind him to pick up my double tall non-fat sugar-free vanilla latte (retired over 10 years & I can still call a drink in the right order - LOL) while I'm online
  1. If you don't have a Gmail account, it's easy (and FREE) to sign up for one.
  2. Once in Gmail click on the SETTINGS tab.
  3. In the SETTINGS tab, click on LABS (2nd from the right)
  4. Scroll down to Text Messaging (SMS) in Chat (it's almost to the bottom), enable & save
  5. It will bring you back to your Gmail page
  6. Scroll down to CHAT & just put the phone number of who your texting in & you're READY TO GO

I'd say that's a Good Life application now, wouldn't you?


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2 comments: said...

Oh I cannot do that texting thing on a phone either, but I do go to and text my verizon family all the time! the DH and one of the DD and one of my besties are all verizon so this makes it easy for me, the old timer that cannot do the SPEAK IN TEXT, (shhhhhhhh it converts it for you with a click of the button) so you can type in more characters! :)

Zippy said...

I'm a texting junkie...worse than the kids. There are months when I exceed my texting allowance - LOL. If you're a sweepstaker, texting is SO IMPORTANT as there are LOTS of sweeps that only allow you to enter via text.

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