Saturday, February 28, 2009

Living the good life in the sunshine state.

There are days that I miss living in New England. It is where I grew up and it still holds my dearest memories, not to mention the family and friends that are there. There are also days when I know that I made the right decision to move to Florida. Yesterday was one of them.

Still, not quite feeling myself I ventured out to get some orange and grapefruit juice, knowing that the Vitamin C would be just what I needed. I drove a very short distance to the farm stand (where they squeeze fresh juice). Just walking around outside surrounded by all of these beautiful fruits and veggies made me realize how LUCKY I am to have this.

It's FEBRUARY, and while my New England friends and family are bracing for yet ANOTHER huge snowstorm, I have this....So, I took it all in - took some pictures, bought my OJ & Grapefruit juice and a whole lot of other stuff and drove home thinking how lucky I really am.


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Wendy said...

Man, that's just wrong! Here I am IN New England freezing to death and you have SUNSHINE and VEGETABLES? I am SO ready to move down south!

Zippy said...

Come on down!!! It's going to be in the 80's today.

Stephanie said...

Oh yeah! Florida is the greatest

Zippy said...

It is until August, then I want to be in MAINE in the freezing cold ocean.

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