Thursday, February 17, 2011

Floral arranging made easy from Flower Duet

One of my pleasures is to fill the mansion with flowers. I'm particularly fond of flowers that come from bulbs like tulips, lilies, daffodils, gladiolas, etc. There's nothing like walking into the house and see them on my dining room table, the hall table and other spots. They give a touch of spring during the winter and a bit of the outdoors the rest of the year. The scent and the delicate petals really call out to my senses.

I tend to purchase arrangements, mostly because I'm all thumbs when it comes to placing flowers in a vase. I can trim and make them look FULL, but I don't have that "artistic" sense when it comes to floral arranging.

I'm hoping that my new DVD Flower Arranging: Create A Gorgeous Bouquet/The Flower Duet Way: How To Create A European Wrap Bouquet will help me overcome my inability to create a beautiful arrangement. I sat down to watch it yesterday and Kit and Casey from Flowerduet make it look quite easy. This DVD includes instructions on making a bridal bouquet, a centerpiece and a tall organic bouquet.

Using just a few bunches of flowers, Kit and Casey walk you through the process of purchasing the the flowers, conditioning them, how to keep them fresh, creating sweet bouquets, and maintaining them so that they last. The step by step instructions are VERY easy to follow. For example when creating the bouquet you are instructed to hold the flower at 1:00 while turning the stem to 7:00. The demonstration of what this looks like makes it so that even someone like ME can do it.
  • Great for Do-It-Yourself Brides on a Budget: Get this DVD to learn how to create bridal bouquets, hand-tied posies and centerpieces
  • Includes Professional Florist Secrets: Flower Duet is on location at our favorite flower vendor to teach you how to choose fresh flowers and optimize their vase life
  • Learn more: This is the first of many Flower Duet DVDs to come - our series will include wired flowers for creating corsages and boutonnieres
I'm looking forward to the next DVD in the series, as I'd love to learn how to make all different types of arrangements.  What a great way to learn how to arrange and save on your floral costs.

Flower Arranging: Create A Gorgeous Bouquet/The Flower Duet Way: How To Create A European Wrap Bouquet is available from the Flower Duet website.

I received a copy of this DVD to facilitate my review. All opinions are strictly my own.


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