Friday, February 18, 2011

CSN stores

Valentine's Day has come and gone without a big to-do at The Mansion. I may not have "trained" Mr. S in the fine art of gift giving, but that doesn't mean that I went without getting an absolutely GORGEOUS piece of jewelry.

I've learned (the hard way) that if I REALLY want something...I buy it for myself. The hints, notes, pictures circled in magazines and left on the refrigerator door, all seem to be invisible. His idea of a gift, is getting me some wonderful chocolates....and if I'm not home as soon as he brings them in the house, I am assured that the box will have been opened before with pieces missing (and the candy moved around to sort of look like it belongs that way).

My newest "thing" is pearls. I have a stunning pearl necklace from my wedding (many years ago), that has gotten more beautiful with age. Two months ago I purchased a simple pair of pearl stud earrings, but for Valentine's Day I wanted a ring that could be worn not only for evening, but for every day. Something casual and inexpensive. Having shopped at CSN for modern furniture, I knew that I'd be able to find something AWESOME at ONE of their over 200 stores.

I found this beauty at CSN in their jewelry store. A quick look through the pearl rings (I used the search button to narrow down my options) and I KNEW that this cute little Skyline Silver Ring with a pearl and CZ accents (no one will EVER know they're not the real thing) would be perfect.

While I was shopping anyway (ah, the wonders of department store type shopping online), I took a look at the rugs. Clem (the mini bull-terrier) had made the kitchen rug "his own" and it was looking rather ragged from dog hair, and the stray wool that was coming off due to him grabbing it and running through the mansion...rug in mouth (of course he'd shake it a little for good measure).

This black rug with a rooster matches my kitchen colors PERFECTLY and is a great size for right in front of the sink.

It wasn't easy choosing though, considering just how many rugs that CSN carries.

My order arrived within a week and I've been very happy with the quality of both of my purchases. While the CSN stores can seem a bit overwhelming (just because they have over 200 online stores), once you get down to what you REALLY want, it's very easy to shop, order and even return (if you're not satisfied with your purchase).

CSN's 200+ stores are located at

I received a gift certificate to facilitate this review. All opinions are strictly my own.


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