Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Renewing your bathroom with luxury linens.

I usually get the redecorating bug around the holidays, change of season or when I've visited a friend, stayed at a hotel or discovered a new home decor store. I love my core pieces of furniture and have purchased things that are timeless and classic. I did this knowing that I LOVE to make the mansion look new and fresh WAY too often. As a result, I'm able to update inexpensively.

The EASIEST room to refresh is the bathroom. There's no major furniture and by simply changing the towels, you can have a whole new look. Not only do I love changing the colors (the walls are all painted in neutrals, allowing me to use any accent colors I like), but I adore towels that are absorbent. I find that velour towels look great hanging, but are not user friendly and some of the thinner towels are absorbent, but look cheap. When I find the perfect balance of beauty and function...I don't hesitate to buy them.

I remember my mother extolling the virtues of Turkish towels, and finding them (until recently) wasn't easy. I was asked to review Nicole Jane Home's towels, and frankly I hadn't really noticed when I gave them my color choice that I was going to FINALLY be getting 100% Turkish towels that not only do a great job of drying (hey, isn't that what towels are for?), but also look luxurious hanging in the bathroom.
 BEFORE - boring towels

The agean bath linens have JUST the right amount of weight to them. Come on, you ALL know what I'm talking about. The PERFECT towel is lightweight, yet doesn't look like a bar towel.  Not only do they come in gorgeous colors (I received them in "pebble"), but pricing begins at only $4.99.

 AFTER - look how LUXURIOUS then look...

From now through December 24th Nicole Jane Home is offering Champagne Living's readers 25% off when you use the codeTOWELS25 at checkout. What a great way to spruce up the bathroom before your guests arrive.

CLOSE UP - Love how beautiful these are...

Nicole Jane Home's Linens are available ONLINE 

I received product for this review, yet all opinions are strictly my own.


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Helen said...

A good set of towels can really update a dull bathroom with minimal expenditure and, these look fantastic!

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