Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More "regrettable" stories

I'll be announcing the winner of the American Express Premiere Return Protection giveaway soon. In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few MORE of the stories and photos of items the YOU regretted purchasing.

"My most regrettable purchase was the first Ford Taurus model ever made.  It was a total lemon and had over 25 recalls the first year.  I was really glad when we dumped that car!" - R.G.


I bought a pair of really adorable Frye sandals 5 1/2 inches I might add! They were so cute and I 'just had to have them' I dreamt about them, day dreamt about them and finally bought them! Well I figured I had to wear them for a little bit while I broke them in...I couldn't even do that! I put them on tried to walk and fell! I am now stuck with an expensive pair of shoes that I can not wear and have never been worn but are no longer returnable:(     

"A fuschia "MC Hammer" jumpsuit!!  It was cool for about a month - then I wished I had my $120 back (1990)!!!!" -  P. P. *NOTE - this is one that I WISH there was a picture of...LOL - Zippy


My sorry boots that fell apart after two months. My most regrettable purchase.


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Victoria said...

The sad thing is, I can totally relate to this!

Zippy said...

LOL - We all can Victoria. I still want to see that fuschia MC Hammer jumpsuit.

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