Saturday, November 27, 2010

ACK - It's football season. Join the Kraft HUDDLE

Do you know how I know it's football season? Just today I asked Mr. S. a question and got no response. Then I asked him a second time...nothing. The third time, I walked into the bedroom to see if he was either asleep or was listening to music with earbuds in. No to both...BUT THE TV WAS ON and I SAW IT. This is the SEASON of NO RESPONSE.

While Mr. S. doesn't respond during football season, Kraft DOES. They're donating 20 MILLION Meals to Feeding America and you and I can help.

For each person that signs up on Kraft's HUDDLE to Fight Hunger page, they'll donate a meal. They track your zipcode and donate LOCALLY! Then look for the PENNANTS and check the PLAYBOOK for MORE WAYS to help them donate.

While you're on the HUDDLE  site, why not check out some of the great Kraft recipes like Oreo Brownie Treats and Spicy Mexican Cheese and Bean Dip for a tailgating party of your own. Who needs football, when I can do good and enjoy some great food?

Want MORE great cooking ideas? Kraft's Delicious Days Website offers MORE recipes, ways to celebrate the holiday season and even the opportunity to win $2500 to make over your kitchen or your dining room in the Delicious Home Makeover Sweepstakes!

So, while Mr. S doesn't respond when I ask him a question, that GREAT dessert that I'm making with Kraft products is going to be MINE all MINE. Hey, I asked....



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