Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What is close to my heart?


My left breast

Yes, that's right I said it. This being breast cancer awareness month, I started thinking that the ONE thing that's closest to my heart is my left breast and I'd like to keep it. My mom lost her battle to breast cancer at the age of 55 (1985) and I don't plan on following in her footsteps.

40,023 lives will be lost to breast cancer this year.


This is 2010 and we have come a LONG way since the 1980's, yet that figure seems SO LARGE.

I stay pro-active in my fight and have a yearly mammogram. Do you? I love my readers...every single last one of you, and I don't want to lose you. I'm asking that you PLEASE make a commitment to getting a mammogram this year. Early detection is the BEST way to fight this disease that has taken our mothers, sisters, and friends (and don't forget the men out there...breast cancer affects many men as well).

The American Cancer Society has created a the Choose You movement and website to offer a yearly mammogram reminder, information on the prevention of breast cancer, video, etc. 

Remember, the best defense against breast cancer is detecting and treating it as early as possible, and women can pledge to do so by logging on to ChooseYou.com and making a commitment to get a mammogram. They'll even send you a FREE PIN when you do.


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