Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's October & I'm ordering holiday cards?

Wait, it's October. I usually have this aversion to anything that screams of December holidays until AFTER Thanksgiving. For example, when I walk into a store and they're playing Christmas Carols as the displays show Halloween costumes or scarecrows it just DRIVES ME NUTS.

So, why am I ordering my cards NOW? Well, "A" (my partner over on The Review Broads) and I ran into a little problem last year around the holidays. We wanted to be able to send out PERSONALIZED holiday cards to some of the people and businesses that we partner with during the year, and by the time December rolled around it was TOO LATE. We ended up sending rather generic looking cards bought at a well-known discount department store. I'm thinking that they probably got a lot of the same design, and I don't want that to happen again this year.

Shutterfly is offering some great deals on cards right now, so I've headed over to check out their selection.  Because I plan on using them for business, I don't want to be locked into the typical  Christmas cards (although if you're buying them to send to family and friends, you'll absolutely LOVE their collection), but rather either a more generic Holiday Card or even New Year’s cards might work a little better.

Since I want pictures of "A" and I on the cards, I'm able to refine my search to cards that have a few pictures of us (or maybe ALL of the broads). The nice thing about card shopping at Shutterfly is that you can easily pare down the cards that are shown by choosing things like

  • Number of pictures (0 - 3+)
  • Format (flat or folded cards)
  • Paper type (do you want photo paper or premium card stock)
  • Price
  • Color
  • You can even select the Designer
Personally, I prefer a BOLD looking card. So, I'm down to these three designs (in no particular order of preference)...

Stylish Snowflakes Black Christmas Card - I LOVE the Black background

Palm Beach Christmas - I do live in the Palm Beach area....

Purple Pop Art New Year's Card - I wonder if I can find a photo with "A" & I together?

Have a look and see if you agree with my choices. Feel free to comment with any design that you think might be better suited for us.  I'm also looking for a second design for my personal use, but after last year, I know that I have to get this done FIRST. 

Do you want 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly? Click here to go to Shutterfly for information on how you can get 50 free cards this holiday season, and make sure to select Clever 1000 as the referral source.

This post is part of a series sponsored by Shutterfly. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.


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