Saturday, October 2, 2010

There are just some places....Cancun

When you travel often you find that there are some places that are incredibly difficult to say goodbye to, instead you leave a little piece of you behind so that you MUST return. So it was with Cancun (and totally unexpexted).
  • Was it the beauty of the tropical setting?
  • Was it the strong culture that they're so proud of?
  • Was it having everything taken care of for us by Royal Holiday?
  • Was it the openess and warmth of the people that we met?
  • Yes, it was all of the above and much, much more.

You see, Cancun was not at all what I expected. I was prepared for a typical beach resort with a beach, spa, pools, and great food. YES - I got all of that. BUT, what I found was that it was the experience that Royal Holiday provides for it's members that made it so difficult to leave.

Living in South Florida, I have the beach, pools, spa and wonderful restaurants, but the ability of the people that I met to immediately include you as a part of their community is what I don't often get to experience. The warmth, the friendship and the willingness to share what they have and anticipate everything that you want in a vacation is what makes it so special.

So, my friends...I've left a piece of me behind, in order to go back again soon.

Sunrise on my final day.

More photos and glimpses into my Royal Holiday experience soon.

This post is a result of a trip that was sponsored by Royal Holiday. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are strictly my own.


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RamblingTart said...

Beautiful photo, Zippy!! I loved this trip so much - mostly because I have a new dear friend in you. :-) Hope you're settling in nicely at home. :-)

craftymamaof4 said...

OMG I need to go there, your photos are beautiful.

Kas said...

One day I'll make it to Mexico. One day lol. Looks beautiful!

Zippy said...

I was shocked that the airfare (round trip) from Florida was less than $100. This is a true Champagne Living vacation. Royal Holiday provides a VERY cost effective way of vacationing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and let's hope that by the time you do go back, you will have learned that the possessive of "it" is ITS, not "it's"!!!

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