Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Royal Holiday Experience

Since returning from paradise (Cancun) I've taken a bit of time to attempt to digest my experiences. Frankly, I don't want to digest anything other than the fabulous foods that I dined on, so instead I'll tell you a little bit about the Royal Holiday Experience.

This was my first experience at a property that was set up for both hotel guests and owners. You see, Royal Holiday is a different type of company. Imagine having the experience that I just did over and over again, year after year...either in that same bit of paradise or a totally new one.

The Royal Holiday Experience is one that I'm actually considering owning a piece of. Why? Because they really take the worry out of your vacation by allowing you to visit a plethora of properties, not only in Mexico, but in the US and Worldwide as well.

Rather than purchase a traditional timeshare unit, you purchase points  that allow you to take a vacation yearly (for 30 years I believe). The interesting part of this, is that Royal Holiday not only owns resorts, but they also contract blocks of rooms at hotels and resorts all over the world (currently 152 locations). You can even use your points to take a cruise (including on Carnival, Royal Caribbean). 

Unlike traditional timeshare point programs, Royal Holiday allows you to "break up" your points, so you don't have to use them all consecutively. Imagine taking 2 - 3 vacations a year? You can even BANK your points and use them the next year (I'm thinking 2 weeks in Paris would be PERFECT). You see, they offer you the flexibility to choose the experience that you want.

I said EXPERIENCE, because that's what Royal Holiday offers. It's MUCH more than a hotel room and a restaurant. Take a look at the photos of my Cancun vacation and you'll see that I was touched by the Royal Holiday experience. They make things very easy, whether you want to go and do, or just relax. At the Cancun Caribe Park Royal Grand I had my choice of dining at any of seven restaurants including La Concha (which had amaaazing Ceviche), as well as the elegant El Mirador (where we enjoyed live music while dining on Italian delights). If it's casual you're looking for - Cocay offers an array of foods on a buffet that will make your eyes widen just looking at the selection.

Whether you want to stay on the property the entire time and enjoy all that it has to offer, or go explore the surrounding areas, you can vacation in YOUR OWN STYLE. I think that's what I liked most about it.

I was there with four other bloggers, each of us VERY different in our approach to vacationing. While Krista from RamblingTart and I spent our time relaxing in the pool and on the beach. Aly Walansky and Kimmie Smith were enjoying the exotic drinks at the bar and people watching. Not one to miss out on anything, Bullz-Eye's editor Gerardo was the man about town. So you see, there was something for each of our style's. I'm going to make a guess and figure that we each came away with a very different experience, each one personal.

I have to say, that I'm holding the memories of Cancun tightly and don't want to let them go. The odd thing is that I didn't think that I'd be this enamored with the Caribbean, as I never thought that it was that different than where I live in South Florida. I suppose it was the people and experiences that I had while there, something that I have to attribute to Royal Holiday.

I received a press trip to Cancun Caribe Park Royal Grand in order to write this post. All opinions are strictly my own. I really did have a wonderful time.


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Anonymous said...

i think one of the best parts of a diverse group traveling together is we all get to see the experience through each others' eyes - it really gives so many more layers to the trip! (ps: awesome meeting you!)

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