Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A new twist on a classic - Etch-a-Sketch Glow

 I'm an old school toy lover. Just give me the basics and you can keep me entertained for hours. Unfortunately, I'm 57 years old and the kids don't think the same way that I do. It's now all about the newest electronics that can do more than what the toys that I love could do.

Etch-a-Sketch is an old school toy, that just updated to the new age of play with their Etch-a-Sketch glow. No longer are the kids stuck with the same old black sketching on a grey background. Now they can create masterpieces (yes, it's still very much a hands on experience) only in glowing color.  Plus, there are now LIGHT effects, to make your artwork POP off of the screen.

Using red, yellow or green light your child can make pictures that blink or even blend. It does take batteries (3 AAA) and thankfully has an auto-shutoff, so that you don't have to worry about having to replace them as often.

OKAY, so I give in. This is definitely a cool way to play with an old favorite, and maybe, just maybe they'll leave my OLD CLASSIC etch-a-sketch alone for a change.

By the way, I collect toys. I have old Japanese tin toys and all sorts of fun pieces that go back to my childhood and before, and while I love for the kids to get their hands on some of the toys to review, I enjoy it just as much.

Etch A Sketch Glow Sketch is available for purchase at, Toys'rUs and other toy retailers across the country.

I received product in order to complete this review, however all opinions are strictly my own.


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willow said...

Are you ever to old for a etch-a-sketch I don't think so...


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