Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Travel Journaling - Old School

My age is not, nor has it ever been an issue. HOWEVER, there are things that I enjoy doing as well as METHODS of doing them that would be considered OLD SCHOOL.

  • Like writing letters and sending cards THROUGH THE U.S. Mail vs. e-mail
  • Holding a REAL book in my hand and reading vs.using an electronic book
  • Keeping a journal - usually for travel

I know that I've written in the past about my travel journaling. I tend to combine stream of consciousness with artwork and pieces of things that I "find" along the way. It's one of my more precious creative outlets and personally it's a much more powerful way for me to connect with my travels.

If you've never kept a travel journal, you might want to start with something that helps you to organize your thoughts and still allows for LOTS of creativity. Journals Unlimited has created a  pre-made Vacation - The Traveler's Journal, just for that purpose.

Each page is already laid out with areas for

  • How you traveled
  • The weather
  • People you met
  • Places you visited
  • Memorable events
  • Purchases 
  • and of course an entire page to add your thoughts

While I like using blank pages, this particular style of journal (because it allows plenty of space for creativity) in the Write It Down! series by Journals Unlimited offers the best of both worlds.

I actually prefer the CONSTRUCTION of these journals over those that I normally use. The binding is wired, allowing more comfortable writing. I have a "thing" about paper quality (probably because of the art portion of my journaling), and these are made of a nice acid free (recycled) paper with a heavy Kraft cover. There are times when I use an old fashioned nibbed pen (yes, with a separate bottle of ink - for doing line drawings) and this is the quality of paper that I look for.

Not a traveler?

Journals Unlimited also carry versions that you can use for
  • Camping
  • Golf (hubby would LOVE this one)
  • Boating
  • Holidays (OMG - I need this to keep track of cards, gifts, parties)
  • Gardening
  • and a SLEW of other journals (including PERSONAL DIARIES)

For those who are like me and still need to write on paper or if you're looking for a GREAT GIFT. Check out Journals Unlimited. Their journals come in various sizes and are priced from $5.95 to $18.95).

Thank you to Journals Unlimited for providing me with a journal for this review. I was in no way compensated and all opinions are strictly my own.


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