Tuesday, July 6, 2010

After the holiday, vacation, conference, birthday,

Is it just me or do YOU have a more difficult time bouncing back from doing things out of your "normal routine?"

There are times when I expect to need some down time - after Thanksgiving, Christmas or Chanukkah are the traditional times that you seem to NEED to take a WEEK and really relax. We put SO much effort into shopping, cleaning, decorating and cooking and after all is said and done - we're exhausted.

But lately, even the smaller events have been taking their toll. For example

  • I spent three days at the evo Conference in Park City, UT. It was WONDERFUL and I couldn't have had a better time. Yet, one week later I'm still tired and dragging my heels. The house is a wreck, dinners are on the fly and I can't seem to get back to my schedule.
  • This Sunday we had a nice dinner party in Fort Lauderdale at my brother's house. He's an amazing cook and all I did was to help him out with the little things. Yet it's now Tuesday and I can't seem to get back on track.

Do you remember the days when you could go out and party until 2 or 3 in the morning and still make it to to work on time? When did a break in our routine or even spending become such a hurdle?

With conferences and vacations coming throughout the summer - I'm determined to find ways to soften the blow and be able to bounce back a little more quickly.

What can be done to help?

Stick with your sleep routine - I think that this is the KEY to not coming home out of whack. I hate to say this, but messing with our body clock takes the BIGGEST toll in not being able to bounce back.

Pre-work - UGH. I don't know about you, but WORK is WORK and FUN is FUN and mixing the two makes the fun seem a little more like work than I like. If you work from home (or are a blogger), why not pre-write or do a little extra work BEFORE you go away, so that you have an extra day or 2 when you get back home? You can even steal an hour while relaxing ON your vacation to write - so that you get that down time you need when you get back home.

Stick to a budget - One of the biggest vacation and holiday stressors for me is looking at my credit card or bank statement after all is said and done. On our last trip to the islands I bought a $600 watch and a $200 bracelet. When you're shopping for holiday gifts, throwing a party or are on vacation -we tend to toss the budget out the window, only to have it come back and BITE US after. BTW - I would have bought the watch anyway (it was less than 1/2 of what it would have cost here and it was a birthday gift for hubby), but at least having a budget I would have been PREPARED for it.

Relax - I know that you want dinner to be perfect. But, it's a heck of a lot more fun to sit and have a drink with your guests than run around the kitchen like a crazed animal. REALLY!!!! Do 1/2 of what you think that you "should", buy prepared desserts, etc. Having a party is supposed to be fun - YES FUN FOR YOU TOO!

Do you have any tips for bouncing back quickly (because I sure could use them)? Feel free to post them in the comments below and share with those of us who seem to want to party a little too hard and are NO LONGER 21!


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Anonymous said...

I just got back from a six-day camping trip--first time ever camping--and I'm wiped out. We unloaded the car last night, and this morning I'm sitting here looking at everything and feeling like I need a vacation from my vacation, lol!

Since I know I'm like this, one of the things I try to do is get the house relatively clean and in order before I leave, so I'm not coming back to a mess. I know that the post-vacation laundry and such is going to create some clutter and mess, and I don't want to add to one already in existence. Plus it makes it a little nicer and less stressful to come home.

Anonymous said...

I am 65 now and I hate to tell you but things get worse at least they did for me . I was fine till I was 50, working,making supper every night for my husband,housekeeping the works. then my back and knees started hurting and one day it was so bad I had to leave work I called my dr and found out I had arthritis. I needed to have a total knee replacement I thought I would be back at work in 6 weeks I never made it back. The knee didn't heal correctly after months of therapy had to have another knee surgery then neck surgery then 2 back surgeries and for good measure a hysterectomy thrown in too. Now just going to the grocery store or Walmart wears me out if I can even manage to finish my shopping. So ladies I hope none of you get artritis and enjoy those camping trips and other outings even if they make you tired because your life could get worse and you couldn't go at all

Zippy said...

Oh Anonymous - I hear that (I'm 3 years from being 60 and I have arthrofibrosis). There's no camping for THIS girl - it's room service and luxury or I'm not going!

So, where's Ponce de Leon when we need him?

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