Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'll take mine with a twist please.

Twisted Silver

There's nothing worse than being LATE for the party. The mingling has already begun, people have downed their first cocktail and are separated into cliques and there you are...standing at the door looking like a lost dog.

Until - the hostess swings by, takes your jacket, hands you a martini and ushers you to the "IN" group. One minute later you're chatting away with the latest celeb, making plans to do lunch next week and have already set the date for "spa-time" with the girls.

That's how I felt when I received my Twisted Silver bangle to review. I'd read about this line of FUN jewelry on all of the blogs, seen the jewelry on the likes of Nicolette Sheriden, Oprah and Tyra Banks, even shopped at the online store, but never adorned myself with any of the pieces. I was in fact, late for the party.

Luckily, Twisted Silver (my hostess), rescued me by sending me the hottest looking Peace & Love Bangle with charms to toss on my wrist, and VOILÀ, I am instantly whisked into the hip, fashionable "in" crowd. This edgy bracelet crafted of antiqued brass & glass goes PERFECTLY when I'm in a jeans and T. or to instantly make my "little black dress" a little less stodgy and a LOT more fun.

On the PRACTICAL side. The pieces (they're like mini pieces of art) will help you UPDATE last years wardrobe. If you subscribe to the minimalist wardrobe theory (of just a few QUALITY pieces), you'll be able to use accessories, like the funky jewelry at Twisted Silver, to create this year's most stylish look.

Twisted Silver is a frequent participant at the GRAMMY'S. It's a favorite of the Style Network show "How Do I Look" and was recently shown at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with Aqua di Lara.

I'd like to thank Twisted Silver for providing me with this FUN bangle to review.


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