Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Good, The Bad & the Horribly UGLY

Please note that this post originally ran last March at the previous Fashion Fund's Hope Event at Loehmann's. If you are heading out shopping tomorrow, Loehmann's will once again be hosting this wonderful event in order to raise funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

WHERE: Loehmann's
WHEN: September 24, 2009
WHAT: Donate $5 to OCRF at Loehmann's and receive 15% off your purchases for that day.
AND: Loehmann's will match your $5 donation!!

I'm hoping that plenty of you took advantage of yesterday's opportunity to save money while helping a very worthy cause at the ~
fashion funds hope

event near you. I was at the Palm Beach Gardens, FL store and I was so pleased to see a constant line at the register and the parking lot FULL (although at Loehmann's the parking lot always seems to be full). It was a great event and it's always nice to see stores (especially stores that help you live the good life for less) giving back to charity, especially in these tough economic times.

The Good ~

I had the pleasure or meeting Susan Bazaar from the Wellington, FL chapter of OCRF. She had set up a very colorful table, with balloons and brochures (as well as bookmarks and a reminder that you could get 15% off if you donate $5). She made certain that shoppers were aware of what was going on and really gave us all a little in site into what the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund does with the money it receives via grants and donations. If you get the chance, check out OCRF and learn about the risks, signs and prevention of this disease.

I was there to support Loehmann's in this cause and to shop, shop, shop!

Of course the shopping is usually the easy part. I went with my friend Sandy, who is visiting from Rhode Island. The day before she told me that she thought that I was wearing the wrong sized bra. UGH...I HATE BRA SHOPPING!!! But I knew that she was right (it's all about the spill factor & I was spilling out all over the place).

The Bad ~

Off we went into the lingerie department to look. I've always liked Wacoal bras because they are comfortable, look great and give great support. I've always hated the PRICE. I don't know why, but at $45 and up each for a piece of clothing that nobody sees (well - that MOST people don't see) always seems like a waste. I never understood why a bra costs more than a shirt in these stores. Loehmann's had a LARGE selection of Wacoal at the discount price of $24.99. The bra's that I had picked out were about 50% off of the "regular" department store prices - SCORE!!!!

The Ugly ~

If you've never been to Loehmann's, I'll let you in on a little secret. It has communal dressing rooms. Yes, there are about 10 private rooms for changing, but they're always full and there's always a line....besides everyone else is trying on clothes, bathing suits, etc. out in the large room, so WHY NOT? Um, maybe it wasn't such a good idea. Sandy had helped me pick out a variety of sizes and styles (since my old bras simply didn't fit correctly). Everyone in the communal dressing room got to hear and see my shriek of horror when I learned that I was LARGER than I had thought I was (that's the danger of only looking in a mirror from the neck up....LOL). Those poor, poor people.

The finale ~

At the moment that I realized that I was no longer that delicate size that I had been forcing myself into, I made the decision that the shopping trip had ENDED. Yes, I'd buy a couple of bras, yes I'd make my donation to the OCRF, but NO I wasn't going BACK INTO THAT DRESSING ROOM to subject those poor women to the horror!!!

$50.24 later, I have 2 bras that fit wonderfully but I may be scarred for life. It's not easy aging and dealing with a changing body. I'm sure that I'll eventually get used to it or do something about it (although for some reason, weight gain/loss doesn't impact that very much for me). It was still a good shopping trip and....

It's nice that Loehmann's is there to help me save a bit of money, help out a worthy cause and keep me in living the good life for less!


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