Friday, September 4, 2009

Tony, NY and an old friend of mine.

Gee, it seems like Tony has been spending a lot more time in the old US of A lately. I'm kind of glad, actually especially since THIS week he'll be exploring one of my favorite US cities. New York. Manhattan - NO WAY - that's been done , WAY too many times before. This week, Tony will be gathering up some locals and finding his way around the 5 boroughs of New York.

You can expect to be traveling the WORLD, within these neighborhoods. He'll be feasting on traditional Chinese, Indian and Korean foods (such as pigs feet, head cheese, lamb noodles, fried pancakes, wriggling chopped octopus and piles of steaming seafood) as he explores Queens.

On Staten Island, Tony meets up with the lead singer David Johansen of the former band, the NY Dolls (and believe it or not, an old acquaintance of mine from back in the 70's). Donna, if you're reading this - do you remember that night with David J. & the champagne in Newport? I believe it involved my red Joan Crawford come (you know what) me shoes, Dom Perignon &...oh my, off topic. Back to Tony. Their first stop is New Asha, a Sri Lankan restaurant, where they enjoy the Sri Lankan specialty, black curry goat. They also take some time out to discuss the true roots of rock and roll.

After that, Tony goes to Brooklyn and joins Chris Chung for a delicious dim sum breakfast of duck feet, tripe, fried bread, pork meatballs and hargao in Sunset Park. A Mexican lunch is next on his list and Tony meets up with Carlos, his close friend and chef at Les Halles, at Los Hermanos, a tortilleria that both manufactures and serves tacos.

His trip to the Bronx is fast – Tony meets his friend Fat Dave, who runs a taxi tour of local restaurants, for a traditional meal of ribs, collard greens, rice and beans and oxtail at Sam’s, which is located next to Yankee Stadium.

Back in Brooklyn, he discovers the budding enterprise of Marlow and Sons, as well as Marlow and Daughters, serving sustainable foods from local farms in the Hudson Valley, the only locally-sourced, whole-animal butcher shop in NYC. Tony and Peter Meehan, food writer and critic, are treated to a delicious meal of seared beef heart and bone marrow, which are enough to render Tony speechless. Diner Restaurant, right next door, Peter and Tony are immersed in exquisite dishes – pig’s head fettuccine, brussel sprouts and grits, and a deliciously juicy rib-eye steak while discussing whether or not Tony missed the boat to Brooklyn.

This sounds like one of those times that I'd LOVE to tagging along (even without the champagne and red shoes).

Anthony Bourdian: No Reservations, New York Outer Boroughs airs on Monday, September 7 at 10pm E/P on the Travel Chanel.


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Victoria said...

OOh sounds like a good episode! now I wish I had cable...

Zippy said...

Wonder if you can "access" them after they're aired on The Travel Channel or one of those OTHER sites?

Zippy said...

Just realized that I'm responding to Victoria. How are you? You've got so many irons in the fire lately that I can't keep up with you.

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