Saturday, September 5, 2009

Coupons, Contests and Comps

While digging through the 1,674,098,465 e-mails in my inbox today (I wish that the "maid" could clean the inbox, but I don't trust her rifling through my personal stuff - she might just run off again with my credit card number, the pool boy and leave me to clean up the mess again) I noticed that there are quite a few offers, sweepstakes and other random things that might be useful.

So, please bear with me (whoops, almost write bare with me - but you don't want to see this socialite naked - believe me) as I began the tedious job of reading how I can make my boobs larger, satisfy my woman longer and send money to that wonderful sixteenth cousin of mine in Nigeria who's got 10,000,000 just waiting for me and get to the real goods that we can use.

1. Dole Fruit Bowls - I recently had the opportunity of trying these thanks to She Speaks. They brought me back to those fruit treats that my mom used to serve when I was just a debutant. For me, there's nothing like a little food to help me reminisce about those wonderful days and Dole's Fruit Cups did just that. Personally, I dumped the Cherry Mixed Fruit Cup over a scoop of Ben & Jerry's vanilla and came up with a great combination. This is a great product to stick in the lunchbox for the kids (or sneak on the side when no one's looking for yourself).

Take their Bowl - A - Day Challenge and you could win a donation for your favorite charity (and a matching donation to YOUR wallet) as well as to download a COUPON!

2. Get a $1.00 off coupon for my FAVORITE detergent Purex 3-in-1 as well as enter to win a YEAR'S supply!!!! If you haven't tried it yet, you're in for a BIG treat. One sheet does everything from wash to soften your clothes (you'll even be able to fire your laundress, because doing laundry will be SO easy).

2. If you're looking for FREEBIES hop on over to Freebies 'N Sweeps for a no nonsense list of freebies and sweepstakes DAILY. It's plain (ok, it's ugly). They definitely need a decorator - but who cares when you can get all sorts of stuff for NOTHING.

3. Is "chef" serving up the same boring paté de fois gras AGAIN? It's time to go OUT to dinner for a change. Take 50% off with every $25 Gift Certificate order. Pay $5 for a $25 certificate through 9/8/09 using the PROMO CODE : MENU at

4. Don't forget to check out all of the great giveaways going on at The Review Broads. With so many prizes being given away, your odds of winning are HIGH.

***SPECIAL REQUEST - The Review Broads (my alter ego and my BFF Broad "A") are shamelessly looking for votes in the LOVE! This Site Award Contest at Divine Caroline. Champagne Living has also been nominated (in another category - so you can vote twice if you like). Please take a moment to vote if you will.***


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Jude Law said...

Nice post. Good info. I would recommend to utilize the coupons for various products from which saved me a lot of money.

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