Friday, September 18, 2009

Once again - it's confession time.

I do a LOT of confessing around here. If you've read some of my posts both here and as Broad "Z" over at The Review Broads, you know that I have no fear of sharing my opinions, showing my 55 year old face WITHOUT make-up and more.

I've made confessions about my lack of cleaning knowledge, how to open a can and eat when Cook's taken off and generally about my lack of prowess in the domestic arena.

  • My idea of washing the dishes, is putting them on the floor for the dog to lick (don't worry - I have a dishwasher to toss them in after - it just cuts down on the scraping).
  • Dusting means taking the dirty clothes out of the hamper and running them across the tops of the furniture.
  • I clean the shower while I'm in there showering - no need to get wet TWICE (I just have to remember which tooth brush is for the grout & which is for my teeth).
I KNOW that you have some crazy things that you do (that you just don't tell anyone about) when it comes to cleaning.

Kenmore has instituted a FUN contest where YOU and your friends can CONFESS your CRAZY CLEANING CONFESSIONS and possibly win a Kenmore Appliance. Even if you're not willing to "give it up" in front of the world, you can help by voting for your favorite confessions on You Tube.

Why is voting SO important? Because for each VOTE - Kenmore is donating .50 to Roots and Shoots. Roots and Shoots is such an important organization and if you've never heard of it before, they are about making positive change happen—for our communities, for animals and for the environment. With tens of thousands of young people in almost 100 countries, the Roots & Shoots network connects youth of all ages who share a desire to create a better world.

So, please - head on over and VOTE so that Kenmore donates as much as possible to Roots and Shoots.

By the way, since we're talking about Kenmore here again. Why not check out their "Green and Clean" site. They are also inviting you to explore and share the Clean and Green experience link featured on the Channel. The experience shows how families can “Clean Up and Green Up.” And make cleaning easier on them and the environment.

Kenmore is really on the cutting edge when it comes to environmentally friendly appliances and they are showing their HEART by donating to Roots and Shoots. So, if you have a moment - please VOTE (some of the videos are quite funny) and help Kenmore in this noble cause.


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