Friday, September 18, 2009

Free Airline Companion Ticket? for $4.99

Like you, my e-mail inbox is full of people trying to sell me something. From making my boobs perkier to enhancing my manhood (what - am I a hermaphrodite or something???), there is a never ending deluge of JUNK to buy, read, or be scammed by.

Every once in a while something worthwhile slips in between the gads of garbage.

Today I received an offer from Time Inc. (yes, the people who bring you Time, People, Travel & Leisure, etc.). The offer is for a FREE AIRLINE COMPANION TICKET if I try 2 FREE issues of Travel & Leisure magazine (which I ALREADY subscribe to - but, that's another story).

FREE Airline Companion Ticket
2 Free issues of Travel & Leisure

Someone better go do their math, because there's a processing free of $4.99 (still reasonable, but certainly not FREE)


iI you don't cancel - they'll charge you an ADDITIONAL $19.95, and by the looks of things, they'll continue to do so each year (renewal), if you don't cancel.

Now, I have NO problem with programs that allow you to try them and then cancel (I just put a post-it note on my computer screen to remind me to cancel by a certain date), I still can't get past their MATH (oh and by the way - there is a PROCESSING fee to book the ticket as well).

While I'm not suggesting this to anyone, if you think that it's a good deal at $4.99++ and you REMEMBER to cancel, the DETAILS can be found at Time/American Express. Don't forget to check all of the details regarding the Companion Ticket as well.

Personally, I'd rather just book a ticket with a place like CheapOair where I can save $10 by using the Promo Code: AUTUMN10. I have used them to find some great flights for less than most of the other services (and they list their prices with TAXES INCLUDED, so there are NO SURPRISES).


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