Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Flute of Champagne for The Good Wife!

Traditionally, one of the things that Mr. S. and I look forward to at the end of the summer is the Fall Television Season. With no more re-runs, we can finally sit and relax at the end of a hard day (of having spa treatments, playing golf and going out to dinner) in front of the TV, without having to be subjected to the same episodes that we watched earlier in the year.

If you've been checking out my alter-ego "Broad Z" on The Review Broads, you know that we've had the privilege of screening a few of the newest shows coming to the CBS Fall Line-Up.
It's nice to know IN ADVANCE which shows that will become an addiction for me and which one's will have me racing for the remote to change the station.

My PICK for the new Fall Season is......

"The Good Wife"
starring Chris Noth (sigh) and Juliana Margulies (why can't my plastic surgeon make me look like that). To learn more about this fabulous new show, check out the full review of "The Good Wife" that Broad "A" and I did over on "the Broads."

If you don't like watching sex tapes - it's time to move on.....

This is going to be one of the HOTTEST shows on TV.
So, I'm raising a flute of champagne to toast CBS for making a woman the star of the newest law drama. Chin, Chin.


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