Wednesday, September 2, 2009

College Saving Strategies from an Insider

Earlier this year I wrote a post about tuition free colleges. Realistically speaking, there are so few of them and they are so specialized that you child (or you) are more likely to be applying to a REGULAR public or private college or university.

What that means is that you're probably going to have to cough up more than you've saved to send you son/daughter to school.

Today I came across a FREE resource that will help you SAVE money.

20 Insider Strategies to Save Money on College NOW
from (a site that makes the college search process much easier) and (that helps you find $$$ for college) gives practical advice as to WHERE to find ways to help you pay for college.

  • How to pay in-state tuition even when you live out of state.
  • Don't be scared off by high priced colleges
  • Understanding the lingo
  • Getting merit scholarships even BEFORE you apply
  • and more
One of my favorite parts of this guide is the they show you how to get scholarship money because of who you are. One of the examples is to bring DIVERSITY to the campus. RICE University is 66% female. Are you a guy? Then you'll might be in high demand by the school.

The best part of this is that this book is available to download absolutely FREE. Just another way of living the good life for less.


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