Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No rubbing the bottle with THIS Genie!

I don't know if I'm ready to accept what being a "senior" means. When do you know when you've crossed that fragile line from middle age to senior anyway? At 55 years old, I already qualify for "senior" housing. I guess that when it comes to saving money and getting those great senior discounts, that I'm all in. But, when it comes to my attitude and the way I look - thanks anyway, but I'll opt out.

When travel is involved, I'll be anything you want if it means that I get to go for less money. I found a website called Senior Travel Genie that helps seniors to find discount travel opportunities. Created by Gayland Anderson (affectionately known at "Wholesale Anderson" because of his habit of never paying full retail for anything), this site is totally interactive, offering gems for the savvy senior traveler.

It's a totally FREE site, that offers
  • Photos
  • Travel Tales
  • Reviews
  • Interactive Forum
  • Handicapped Accessibility Ratings
  • New City Destinations
  • and much more
Mr. Anderson has also started a blog with "must have" information, like "The Cheapest Time of Year to Visit...." For example, did you know that you'll save by visiting Jamaica in April or that San Francisco in January is a bargain? Apparently, you can save up to 50% when traveling off-season.

I found Senior Travel Genie very easy to navigate (totally user friendly). I like the fact that I can find out if a hotel is a "high priced dump" or clean and well maintained so that I don't waste my money.

OK, since I'm in the over 50 set, I qualify for senior discounts. If that means that I'll save on my travels - then honey, I'm a senior. Just don't expect to see me drinking Ensure at the pool bar, make mine a Mojito please!


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