Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ice Cream and Prizes = Sprinkle Vision at Friendly's

Being from New England and moving 1500 miles away I got so excited when I found out that there was a Friendly's Ice Cream in my neighborhood. When you're THAT far away from the people and places that you love, finding something that reminds you of "HOME" helps me to live the good life. No mix-in ice cream places for me - just give me the BEST Black Raspberry on the planet and I'm HAPPY!

So, you can imagine how thrilled I was when Friendly's contacted me to tell me about their newest promotion - Kids See the World through “Sprinkle-Vision."

They sent me a $10 gift card and a pair of Sprinkle-Vision glasses with red lenses and set me LOOSE in the ONE place where no matter HOW OLD YOU ARE, you're never REALLY a grown-up (ice cream has that effect on me). Of course, I didn't go it alone. I took T. along with me (because I thought that a 55 year old with Sprinkle-Vision glasses looked a bit - um - BIZARRE).

She immediately "got to work" looking for the hidden codes that were strategically placed ALL around Friendly's. We wrote them down on a notepad, so that we wouldn't forget ANY of them when we got home. Of course, our MAIN goal was to have some some ice cream. I went "traditional" with a hot fudge sundae but T. got the "Cone Head" - which has ALWAYS been her favorite. While we were waiting, we found codes hidden on the cooler, in the menu and on the table-top.

After gobbling up our treats, we went back home and got RIGHT on the computer to input the codes that we had uncovered at I Wanna Go To Friendlys as she made her way through Friendly's virtual Ice Cream Factory. WHAT FUN! There are all sorts of levels and games with REAL PRIZES to win. The GRAND PRIZE winner will even get to STAR in an upcoming Friendly's kids commercial and receive FREE ICE CREAM FOR A YEAR, with LOTS of other prizes (including 27 kids winning FREE ice cream for a year as well).

Friendly's will be decked out in Sprinkle-Vision throughout 2009, so there's PLENTY of time to go to one of Friendly's 500 locations and participate. With SUMMER here, it's a great time to get some good old fashioned ice cream! OH - & if you're HUNGRY - I saw that they now have a $9.99 "create your own meal" right down to the Sundae.


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