Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Passing Along - casting a new show for those who are divorced

I can't figure this one out. The video is NOT of the SHOW, but a show that they had done and aired in the past for divorced or divorcing couples.

Casting is underway nationwide to find women and men for a primetime unscripted television series.

Producers from Glassman Media are seeking men and women between the ages of 25 and 45 who are recently separated or divorced and ready to re-build their lives.

This TV series will transform these individuals by helping them get rid of their pain, learn how to let go and rebuild their self-esteem.

All applicants should be ready for an adventure of a lifetime and be open to putting their troubles behind them. This show will help guide these men and women to the surface again as well as address their anxieties and fears.

Anyone selected to be on the show will be in for FANTASTIC SURPRISES and the chance to win a large CASH PRIZE!

To apply for the show or nominate someone you know email the following info to: recentlysplit@gmail.com

  1. Name:
  2. Occupation:
  3. City where you live:
  4. Phone:
  5. How long separated or divorced:
  6. Short bio on downfall of the relationship:
  7. Include the reason your spouse would say it ended:
  8. Two Pictures
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