Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bridget's Season Finale

For Bridget's Season Finale there will be NOT ONE, NOT TWO - but THREE episodes airing this week.

Agadir, Morocco

It Thursday's first episode - our girl Bridget is visiting the southern coastal city of Agadir. From what I understand Agadir is considered to be more "modern" than the rest of Morocco. It is a big vacation spot for those visiting from Europe and the Middle East in search of luxury accommodations, gorgeous beaches and the perfect vacation. Bridget and her friend Pilar Lastra (Playboy's Miss August 2004) get to belly dance, get henna tattoos, smoke a shisha and sample some of Morocco's most exotic dishes. Somehow, I have the feeling that we won't be seeing the "real" Morocco.

Agadir, Morocco airs Thursday, June 9 at 10pm E/P on the Travel Channel.

Tulum, Mexico

I remember taking a boat ride from Cancun, to the ancient walled city of Tulum on one of our cruises. The nice thing about Tulum is that it overlooks one of the finest beaches in Mexico. With 800-year-old temples to luxury spa treatments using natural elixirs past down for centuries, there are Mayan experiences at every turn. Bridget is focusing on mind, body and spirit, by exploring the natural wonders and ancient traditions of this rustic paradise. Highlights include a senso-perceptual journey with a Mayan shaman, bikini boot camp and a tequila tasting party.

Cancun airs at 10:30pm.

Then at 11:00 PM watch out - because the Travel Channel is going to air "THE BEST of Bridget"

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