Saturday, June 20, 2009

Go Green - Make Green

I love it when the FedEx guy rings my doorbell. No, he's not cute - now stop that. I like it because it usually means something FUN. It might be something that I ordered (, something that I won (I can't WAIT to tear packages like that open, because I have no clue what's inside) or something that is coming to review for Champagne Living or The Review Broads.

A couple of days ago he showed up with TWO packages - one was a review product that you'll see later this week (VERY COOL FOOD/GIFT product - I can't WAIT to tell you about it) and the other was a prize that I had won from the Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports of $25 worth of ecostore products of my choice, which by the way I LOVE!

How odd is it that I just heard from Green and Clean Mom that ecostore is running a video contest where you can win a $500 VISA Card? Now THAT'S some green I can really get behind (wink, wink). Who can’t use that right now for bills, necessity or just plain fun? I wonder if I can use the video function on my still camera to do this?

All of the details can be found on the ecostore facebook page - but here is the condensed version in case you can't wait....

How to Enter the Facebook 30 Second Video Contest for a $500 Visa Card

  • Make a 30 second clip of you using the lemon cream cleanser showing the effectiveness and how it is healthy and eco-friendly.
  • Download your 30 second clip to any service such as YouTube, Google Video or Viddler.
  • Become a ecostore USA Facebook Fan and provide the link to your video.
  • One winner will be chosen by the ecostore USA team based on creativity, uniqueness, and effective use of the product.
  • Video Contest begins June 16th and ends June 29th, 2009
Even if you're not planning on entering I suggest you go and check out the Cream Cleaner because it's one of those DO EVERYTHING type of products. ecostore uses only plant-based ingredients including Lemon Verbena oil, it can be used everywhere from the bathroom to the stainless on your stovetop.

Good luck to all of you budding Fellini's. An extra $500 would really help to live the good life!


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