Sunday, May 31, 2009

Do you have a Raggs Kid?

If you have a child in the 4-8 year old range, then you probably know ALL about Raggs the Dog on your local PBS Channel. If your child has NEVER watched it - “Raggs,” is a musical and educational preschool series starring five colorful canines that play rockin’ music and live in a cool clubhouse with their pet cat, Dumpster. The series is built using an innovative mix of six different segments that focus on key preschool educational themes such literacy, music and arts, math, science, social studies and physical movement. The head of the “Raggs” educational content team is Shalom M. Fisch, Ph.D., who spent 15 years at Sesame Workshop, where he served as the Vice President of Research.

"Raggs" is looking for 100 kids ages 4-8 to appear in a special talk show segment of the series, and they're holding auditions from June 1-30 at This would be for one of the most popular segments of the “Raggs” series- the “talk show style” chats with Dumpster the Cat. During this segment, Dumpster, interviews kids about the overarching theme of the episode. For example, if the episode focuses on the sense of smell, Dumpster and the children discuss their favorite smells, how smelling works and what certain smells mean. The candid moments and articulate answers captured during the interviews with the children are priceless and often times hilarious.

The winners will be selected based on video submissions, which parents can upload to the website.

The goal is to find really animated, talkative and clever kids who represent a diverse sampling of families across the country.

If your child is chosen they will fly them with one adult and bring them into the studio for a rare opportunity to experience the behind-the-scenes making of a TV series & the excitement of being involved in the production. Winners will be notified in early July & the taping is scheduled to take place in mid-August. The “Raggs” episodes with some of the winners will begin airing with the special debut of the first-ever Halloween-themed episode. Additional shows will be released in February 2010.

PLEASE - no baton twirling or juggling acts. Just fun, inquisitive, kids with a lot of personality.

Once you enter, why not send a tweet to Raggs (or join their facebook page) to let them know that you've entered?

Please POST YOUR STATE IN YOUR COMMENTS and let me know what you think of this opportunity!

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