Thursday, February 19, 2009

Welcome FREEBIES4MOM readers

Thank you for visiting Champagne Living

If this is your first time here check out the "About" tab on the navigation bar. You'll find over 250 posts on how to live the good life for less with things like movies, theater and fine dining - for free or at a deep discount, how to get VIP travel, send your child to a tuition free college, save on the house of your dreams and LOTS more.

Thank you as well to our LOYAL readers. Without you, Champagne Living would not have grown the way it has. Please check out Freebies4Mom. I authored today's post on going to the movies for FREE!

You can Pop the Cork on Champagne Living EVERY day by subscribing via e-mail or reader.

I'm off to pop open a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and blow 55 candles off of my cake today (that makes me old enough for "senior" housing - UGH).


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4 comments: said...

Happy bday zippy! how about some FREE business cards for you? check out this link there are some cards that LOOK like your "lady" from champagne living! they are yellow bottom right of page and you get 100 FREEBIES no S&H or anything!

Zippy said...

Thank you Anjie - what a great B-Day gift!!!!

Corrie at "Cents"able Momma said...

Great article over at Freebies4Mom! I checked my area, and there is a movie we could go to for free....who knew! Now...we just need to find a free babysitter :-).

Zippy said...

Corrie - hmmmm - how much do you pay an hour? Just kidding. Get a sitter & have a grown-up's night out. You deserve it.

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