Thursday, February 19, 2009

The 411 on 411

Are you STILL paying $2.00 for directory service from your home or mobile phone?
Living the Good Life, means not throwing money away on meaningless services. Look at what you're paying just for calling 411...
  • Verizon - $1.49
  • Virgin Mobile - $1.75
  • Sprint - $1.79
  • AT&T - $1.75
  • T-Mobile - $1.49
  • MCI - $3.49
  • Sprint - $2.49
  • AT & T - $1.99
  • Verizon - $1.25

If you are, then it's time to program 1-800-FREE-411 into your favorites and get the listing that you need for FREE. You can find both residential, business and government numbers listings. You'll have to listen to a quick ad (since it's the advertisers who are paying for this service - so YOU don't have t0) and you'll get the number that you've requested. By the way, I checked out some of their advertisers and it looks like you might even find a bargain or two. Of course if you'd like to be connected to one of their advertisers during your call - they'll do that for you free of charge.

Not only that, but they'll ALSO text you the number, so you don't forget!

So, keep those extra $$$ in your Gucci Wallet - wouldn't it be more fun to get a $10 manicure, then spend it calling 411 five times? Now that's living the good life for less!


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