Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Review: Yanni Voices - The Music of Romance

I have to confess that I used to be a secret Yanni fan. I hate that I just confessed it, because frankly I find it a bit embarrassing. I mean, I'm just not the NEW AGE MUSIC type. Maybe it was his "I'm unaccessable" demeanor or his good looks (he is HOT) or maybe it was the music. All that is behind me now, or so I thought. You see, I was sent a DVD and CD of a new project by Yanni called

Yanni Voices

Yanni has put together a group of extraordinary talented singers for a new project. Together with Chloe, Nathan Pacheco, Leslie Mills and Ender Thomas, Yanni is returning to the stage with an amazing new tour. Performing new music as well as interpretations of his classic compositions. These romantic songs with a harmonious sound are a joy to listen to. I especially like Chloe's hauntingly beautiful voice as she sings Kill Me With Your Love.

You can find a preview of the upcoming album on the
Yanni Voices website. I'll be bringing you more updates on Yanni Voices in the months to come, including a very special surprise that's coming to Champagne Living.


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Wendy said...

I received the same CD but where is my review? Nowhere to be found :) I love Yanni but I am not so keen on this new CD.

Zipparoni! New York is fabulous so far! The Holiday Inn is brand new. The room are small but can you say business center with computers and FREE Internet!

Zippy said...

Glad you're having fun in the Big Apple. Now get off of that hotel computer and enjoy the city. I actually liked Chloe's voice. The album is like Yanni meets Il Divo - definitely not what I'm used to from him. Be on the lookout for some BIG giveaways including CD & DVD's & concert tickets with this Yanni promotion coming to a blog near you! Oh - this I mean - THIS BLOG!!!

Anonymous said...

how do I shut it off?

Anonymous said...

This CD is so awesome. I love it and have been playing it on repeat at work. My co-workers were not familiar with Yanni and now they love the CD too. The latest CD just came out, so pick up a copy!

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