Monday, February 2, 2009

Pre-Screening of Taking Chance with Kevin Bacon

I'm a little shocked at all of the pre-screenings that are being promoted for HBO and Showtime movies lately as they are FREE for subscribers anyway. If you are NOT a subscriber of HBO (or would rather see this movie on the BIG SCREEN) then here's your chance to see the NEWEST HBO MOVIE Taking Chance before it airs.

Screenings are being held in ~

  • Atlanta - 2/10
  • Boston - 2/11
  • Chicago - 2/10
  • Dallas/Ft. Worth - 2/11
  • Los Angeles - 2/10
  • New York - 2/10
  • Philadelphia - 2/10
  • Washington, DC - 2/11
  • San Francisco - 2/10

There are a LIMITED amount of tickets available. Sign up HERE and enjoy the show!


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Wendy said...

I've been shopping in NYC but it wasn't for clothes or fancy shoes. It was on your site!

Hey, that new "calling card" badge is blurry. You might want to change it back to the champagne glasses. Those looked really good.

Okay, off to get food so you won't hear from me anymore tonight!

Zippy said...

Have fun tomorrow!!! I'll go fix the the badge tomorrow.

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