Thursday, February 26, 2009

Living the Good Life without Spending Money

Sometimes I tend to forget about all of the resources available to us throughout our community. I'm actually writing this post to remind MYSELF of all of the wonderful programs that are there just for the taking.

When looking for FUN things to do, don't forget about COMMUNITY CENTERS and programs offered by your town or county.

You may have access to free or reduced fees on things like

  • Community Swimming Pools
  • Community Exercise Classes or a Gym
  • Arts & Crafts, Language, Cooking Classes, etc. at your local adult ed. programs
  • Don't forget the Public Library - you may have access to FREE Screenings, poetry readings, lectures, etc.
  • Free Concerts - in nice weather you'll find plenty of FREE open air concerts
  • Museums - check with your local art or science museum, they probably have one day a week that's FREE to residents (or maybe to EVERYONE)
  • Local Parks & Jogging Trails - exercise, picnic, sit under a tree & read
  • Festivals - Art festivals, music festivals, food festivals - at certain times of the year there always seems to be a plethora of these to attend


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