Thursday, February 26, 2009

Do you have Web Escapes?

I have to admit that I have these good life fantasy escapes on the web.

For the past few days I've been feeling a bit under the weather, so instead of doing WHATEVER IT IS THAT I DO every day (if you know what it is that I do - I'll give you a gold star - LOL), I've been curled up on the sofa with the television on and the laptop, well - on my lap. I feel like I've been studying for my law degree with all of the courtrooms that I've witnessed (sic).

Of course instead of working on Champagne Living and my OTHER sites like TweetSweep, I've been looking at my favorite escape sites. Today, I spent on The Sartorialist. It's one of my "comfortable places." I'm no fashion maven, but it's such a pleasure browsing beautifully candid photographs of well dressed people. It sparks my creative side, and makes me start rummaging through my closet to see what I can put together. I really enjoy going through my scarves and other accessories to see how I can mix my look up a bit.

Hopefully, I'll start feeling a little better and actually get back to doing - UM, WHATEVER IT IS THAT I DO. If not, I've got my PLAN for tomorrow's good life escape.

So, where is it that YOU visit when you want to escape on the web?


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foamfan said...

I like to go to, to check out the latest haircuts and think about getting a really good "spring shearing," sort of like lambs get!

Zippy said...

OK, that put a smile on my face. The vision that put in my head is just....hysterical. I picture your hairdresser holding you down with one knee on you so you don't run away....

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