Tuesday, February 24, 2009


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Heads Up! My friend Cheryl, The Daily Blonde made me aware of a glitch in the "Followers" section on Blogger based blogs this past week. It seems that a lot of us LOST a whole bunch of followers. Well, fear not. They're not really LOST, Blogger somehow made many of us anonymous. I checked the list of who I follow & found ALL of the blogs had become anonymous (sorry guys, I wasn't turning my back on you - REALLY).

If you have been following me, or anyone else for that matter, look on your Blogger dashboard and on the left side you'll see the blogs that you follow. You will see two buttons: add and manage. Click Manage. Look to see if any of the blogs you are following say you are following anonymously. If it does, click the drop down list and click Public. Now you will appear on blogs that you were on before but suddenly disappeared from. By the way, I actually had to do this TWICE, as a couple of them reverted back AGAIN.


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The Daily Blonde said...

What a pain in the neck! I'm so sick of the blogger issues.....thinking of packing up and moving out!

Zippy said...

I know what you mean - but, I am Diswordpresslexic.

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